IPN begins rollout of MediTracker to 180 practices and 2 million patients

Pulse+IT, 21 April 2017
Kate McDonald


The IPN Medical Centres group has officially announced it will roll out Precedence Healthcare’s MediTracker app to its 180 practices, allowing two million patients to have access to a summary of their data held on their regular GP’s medical record.

MediTracker has been trialled in select IPN practices since the start of the year, with GPs contributing to the app’s design and functionality.

Any practice using the MedicalDirector, Best Practice or Zedmed clinical information systems can also offer it to patients.

The smartphone app, which costs patients $5.99 per year, displays data such as current and past history, medications, adverse reactions and immunisations, along with physical measurements and non-sensitive pathology results.

It also links to apps such as Apple Health, Google Fit and other wearable and home monitoring devices, and can be shared with other members of the patient’s care team. It can also be used by family members to keep track of the health of children or elderly parents.

MedTracker uses Precedence Health Care’s cdmNet coordinated care platform as its underlying technology. It can be switched on by practices by downloading an installer.

Once the patient has set up an account, every time their medical record is updated by their GP, their summary record is automatically updated in MediTracker, so practices don’t need to keep it up to date. The update takes place overnight.

IPN Medical Centres CEO Gerard Foley said the app was the first digital solution in Australia that struck the right balance between maintaining health record privacy and providing key information for sound decision making at the point of care.

It is being pitched to practices not just as a convenience for patients, but to reinforce loyalty to the practice and ensure safe clinical handover if IPN patients are treated in emergency
situations, after hours or when travelling.

“By connecting the patient directly to their primary GP practice, it also strengthens the relationship between GP and patient, which improves clinical outcomes,” Dr Foley said. “We see this as an important step towards the future GP-led patient-centred medical home model.”

IPN and Precedence Health Care are both owned by Sonic Clinical Services.

Practices can download the connection software here.

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