Setup MediTracker

To enable your patients to use MediTracker, your practice needs to install a lightweight software connector called the MediTracker Connector. This connector can be downloaded here.

For more information on how MediTracker works visit our GP FAQ.

MediTracker Connector system requirements

For optimum results, please install the Precedence Connector for MediTracker on a computer that remains on 24/7.

Operating Systems supported

Windows XP or higher.  MediTracker Connector is not compatible with Apple computers, except when used in a virtual machine running Windows.

Clinical desktop software compatibilities

  • Best Practice version or higher.
  • Medical Director 3 version (3.12) or higher.
  • ZedMed

MediTracker setup for cdmNet Users

If you are already a user of cdmNet and have the Precedence Connector installed, you can enable MediTracker by clicking on the Precedence Connector logo on your machine, then click on Extensions and enable the MediTracker extension. You should do this on one practice machine only, preferably that remains switched on 24/7.

Disable MediTracker

To disable MediTracker, click on the MediTracker Connector icon on your computer, click on “Disable MediTracker”.