Patient Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started
  • How can I start using MediTracker?

    Simply download, register your details and follow the instructions to connect to your GP practice. MediTracker is available on both Apple App Store and Google Play (for Android devices).

    Before you start, make sure you have your Medicare details handy. You will also need your mobile phone number listed at your general practice to receive the authentication code.

  • What information is displayed in MediTracker?

    MediTracker displays a summary of information contained in your GP medical record. This information includes medical history, medications, allergies, immunisations, measurements and pathology results.

    Your pathology results are published in collaboration with your GP. They will only be released to you after your GP has viewed the results and had time to contact you if needing discussion. Please discuss with your GP if you would prefer to receive your results earlier.

  • What if my GP clinic is not on the list of GP practices when I register?

    This means your GP isn’t setup to use Meditracker yet. You can refer them to to get more information. MediTracker is free for GPs and easy for them to setup and use.

  • What devices support MediTracker?

    MediTracker is supported on Apple iPhones & iPads with iOS version 7 and higher and on Android devices with KitKat or higher.

How does MediTracker work?
  • How does MediTracker access health information?

    When you register with MediTracker, we request some personal health information (e.g. Medicare number) so we can match you to your health information stored with your regular GP.

  • How often is my GP medical record updated?

    When your GP changes your medical record, it automatically updates MediTracker with the new information overnight.

  • Can I update my summary medical record without seeing my GP?

    Only your GP can update your summary medical record in MediTracker.

  • Can I access the GP medical record for my children or elderly parents?

    Yes. You can create a separate account for each of your family members or other persons you care for. With their consent, you can then login to each account through your own MediTracker app with the account number, username and password.

  • Can I view my GP medical record when I can’t access the Internet?

    Yes. MediTracker stores the most recent copy of your medical record on your device, so you can access it even when offline.

  • What happens if I sync my Apple Health/Google Fit measurements with MediTracker?

    When you first download MediTracker it will ask if you wish to link your Apple Health or Google Fit account to your MediTracker account. If you consent to do so, measurements from Apple Health or Google Fit will automatically be uploaded to the MediTracker cloud.

Security and Privacy
  • How secure is my personal and health information in MediTracker?

    Your MediTracker record is securely stored on computers hosted in Australia at an ISO 27001 certified data facility. The MediTracker network uses SSL/TLS encryption for data transport, the same level of encryption used by leading banks and government agencies. To find out more about the privacy of your information please visit

    If you wish to keep this information secure on your mobile device, we recommend that you set a PIN/Touch ID on the mobile device itself. You can get an additional level of security by setting a PIN/Touch ID on the MediTracker app as well. To do so, go to Settings in MediTracker.

  • Who can access my GP medical record in MediTracker?

    Only you and the care providers listed in your care team can access your MediTracker record. If you share your MediTracker username and password with someone (e.g., a family member), they will also be able to access your record.

  • How is MediTracker different from My Health Record?

    If you have a My Health Record, and your GP has uploaded your shared health summary to My Health Record, the summary is available as a static (PDF) ‘document’. Whilst it is a snapshot of your main clinical indicators, the information is not updated unless your GP chooses to upload another summary. MediTracker, however, is updated whenever your GP updates your medical record at the practice, so will always contain your most up-to-date medications.

    MediTracker also collects more information than the current My Health Record. For example, it collects and shows standard pathology results, like cholesterol levels and blood glucose levels. It also tracks key measurements taken by your GP, such as blood pressure and BMI, and graphs this information over time.

    With your consent, MediTracker also shares your self measurements extracted from Apple Health or Google Fit with your care team.

  • Can MediTracker be used with cdmNet?

    If you are registered with Precedence’s cdmNet service and have a cdmNet account, you can use your cdmNet login ID and password in MediTracker to log into your account. Both cdmNet and MediTracker share your same account and utilise your same health record.

  • How much does MediTracker cost?

    Your MediTracker annual subscription fee of $5.99 per annum begins following a free one-month trial. You will be reminded when you need to renew your subscription.

  • How many MediTracker accounts can I access or create?

    You can create multiple user accounts with your device (for example, your children’s MediTracker accounts). There is no restriction on the number of user accounts you can access, however, each device will need a subscription ($5.99/year) to view medical records you have access to.