Clinical App: Medical records your patients can access

Australian Doctor, 3 April 2017

This app promises to solve a small part of the vexing problem of sending and receiving clinical data.

MediTracker draws information securely from GP software systems and puts it into a format that patients can easily access.

They can check an up-to-date list of their conditions, medications, immunisations and known adverse reactions, as well as store upcoming appointments and contact details for their regular healthcare providers.

The RACGP has endorsed the app and IPN, one of Australia’s biggest corporates, wants to roll it out in all of its practices.

From a patient’s perspective, its undeniably easy to navigate and understand. For GPs, the critical promise is that practices can ‘install and forget’.

Cost: Free installation and GPs, with an annual fee for patients of $5.99
Compatible with: Apple IOS 7 or Android 4.4

This article was first published by Australian Doctor April 3, 2017.  Click here to read the original