180 practices switch on MediTracker as Best Practice rolls out connector

Pulse+IT, 6 July 2017
Kate McDonald


110 practices in the IPN group and 70 non-IPN practices have now switched on Precedence Health Care’s MediTracker functionality, which allows general practices to supply a read-only summary of medical records to their patients through an app.

Best Practice software users can now also download the installation and registration software through the July data update of Bp Premier. Any practice using MedicalDirector or Zedmed can also offer the service, as can any practice using Precedence’s cdmNet platform.

Precedence Health Care CEO Michael Georgeff said his team was concentrating on rolling out MediTracker to the 180 or so practices in the IPN stable. Both companies are owned by Sonic Clinical Services.

There has also been a lot of interest from non-IPN practices, Professor Georgeff said, with 70 now having connected to MediTracker and started to use the functionality. About 1000 patients have downloaded the app and most have connected with their practice, he said.

“We have not started any awareness program with patients, except for those at selected IPN practices, and these have only just started using MediTracker,” he said. “IPN is targeting two million patients.

“We have hundreds of patients wanting their primary GP to enable MediTracker, but who have yet to do so. Patient enrolment and connection is increasing by over 250 per cent month on month.”

The plan is to display a link to the My Health Record when usage becomes more widespread –which Professor Georgeff said was expected later this year – but the cdmNet platform is already linked to the national system.

The number of apps is also beginning to proliferate, with Bp set to release one called Best Health in the near future. Professor Georgeff sees these as complementary rather than rival apps.

“We are adding a very rich set of features on the patient side, particularly around team care and the GP-led medical home,” he said. “The Bp app is focused more on the GP side. Both add significant value to the patient and the GP practice and should result in better patient outcomes and more efficient practice workflows.”

In light of recent security breaches such as the unfolding drama around the apparent breach of Medicare, Professor Georgeff said queries about security and privacy have risen. He said MediTracker, as a portal to the cdmNet platform, meets very strict security requirements.

“Data is hosted in Australia in an ISO27001:2013 certified facility, the internationally recognised standard for secure storage of electronic data. MediTracker will only upload patient data to the cdmNet platform on request by the individual patient and upon consent of the GP practice.

“Privacy is also strictly protected and sharing limited to the patient’s care team, as selected by the patient and their GP. MediTracker only uploads selected patient data and not any GP notes or data classified as confidential.

“It only displays non-sensitive pathology results and measurements, and delays pathology results until five business days after the GP has seen the results and added these to their clinical software.”

Professor Georgeff said MD and Zedmed users can download the MediTracker Connector from the MediTracker website but if the practice is using cdmNet, they already have the connector installed and just need to enable MediTracker in their cdmNet extensions.

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