Your medical summary
in your hands

MediTracker gives you direct access to your medical summary held by your GP, putting you
in greater control of your health.

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Safeguard your care, every day

MediTracker keeps you safer 24/7, in emergencies and out of GP hours. It gives you immediate access to your latest health information, anywhere at any time.

  • Health Summary

    See your up-to-date medical history, as well as your prescribed medications, allergies, and immunisations.

  • Care Team

    Helps you keep track of the people in your care team, providing you with accurate contact information.

  • Measurements

    Track, graph and monitor important measurements and pathology tests ordered by your GP.

Keeping you safe, empowering your life

Out of hours, travelling, or in an emergency; MediTracker is there, providing critical health information to you and your care providers.

You can also use MediTracker to care for your family, including children and elderly relatives. With their consent, you can access their MediTracker record through your mobile device.  Track their health status, avoid medication errors, and make sure they don’t miss vital appointments and health checks.

Better informed, better outcomes

Use MediTracker to provide important health data to your GP and care providers. Help them make the best decisions based on up to date and accurate information.

MediTracker links to Apple Health, Google Fit, and wearable health devices such as blood pressure monitors, activity trackers, and weight scales. With your consent, MediTracker securely shares this health information with your GP and care team.

See how MediTracker can help you and the people you care for.

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